• Vehicle Manager

    If you own or manage one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, then our range of vehicle management software will help you cut costs, schedule services, record mileage and maintain your vehicles.

    We have a range of vehicle management applications that cater for large organizations who maintain a large fleet of vehicles right down to home users who want to maintain a list of vehicles in the home.

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  • Vehicle Manager

    Keeping a record of your vehicle history is essential to ensure the smooth running of your vehicles. Having a record of your vehicle history is essential for regulatory requirements as well as when you come to see the vehicle to prospective buyers.

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  • Vehicle Manager

    Track each of your vehicle's service schedule and service history. Vehicle Manager allows you to create a service schedule for each vehicle as well as maintaining the history of all services for each vehicle. You will be reminded when a vehicle service date is due and can track labor costs, parts costs and many other items related to each service.

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Are you struggling to keep a record of all your vehicles and struggling to remember when your service is due or when your insurance is up for renewal? Are you drowning in Excel or have paperwork relating to your vehicles' in many different places?

Well now you have the answer with Vehicle Manager by Smart Company Software. Our software is designed to make your life easier and take all the hassle out of maintaining your vehicles whether you have one vehicle or a thousand.


  • Maintain Vehicle and Driver information
  • Very simple yet extremely powerful search feature for locating vehicles
  • Add rich text notes to Vehicle, Drivers etc
  • Extensive reporting system for displaying or printing data
  • Attach documents such as Word, Excel, PDFs to Vehicles and Drivers
  • Monitor and track services and service history
  • Beautifully designed user interface

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