Employee Training Manager is a cloud-based employee training management system that manages the training data for your employees. With training tracking software, you can track the complete training history for all your employees in one central database. Our training manager software has been a market leader for a number of years in the management of employee training data and hosts many features and benefits to support your business. Our popular desktop course management system is now also available as a cloud-based application and can be used in your web browser and is accessible from anywhere.

Employee Training Manager is designed to automate the collection and retrieval of training information to provide instant and reliable training information to key people within your business.

Simplify your employee training with a Training Management System

Employee training is becoming increasingly important for ensuring quality and meeting the compliance requirements from local, national, and international regulatory agencies. Training Manager software provides employers with everything they need to schedule, track, and report on their employees’ compliance and safety training. Report internally and to regulatory bodies that your company and employees meet the necessary safety training requirements.

A Course Management System to share your training data across your business

Our Course Management System provides more transparency to your training records for everyone and define who can log in, view or edit the training records database. Invite employees to view their own training history.

Image of the course management system screen.
With our cloud-based Employee Training Management software, we release regular updates and you always have the latest release
What's New?

Cloud-Based Web Application

This version of Employee Training Manager is cloud-based and works in your web browser and can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. It's hosted securely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing industry strength security.

Application Features

Application Screenshots

Screenshot of the training tracking software employee details.

Employee Detail

Details of the employee, including demographics, employment, training courses attended and licenses.

Screenshot of the course management system course search

Course Search

Search for courses that you can filter by various fields such as name or description. Decide what order the courses returned should be displayed in.

Employee Training software screenshot of training class details.

Training Class Detail

Create a training class for a course. Enter details of the class such as date, time and trainer. Assign employees who will attend the training.

Screenshot of reports module for reporting training management system training.

Report List

A wide range of reports for courses, employees and more. All reports are generated into PDF format.

Screenshot of training manager software training class summary report.

Course Summary Report

The course summary reports returns all training courses. Filter the records returned using the selection criteria dialog screen.

Screenshot of the available departments for an employee

Employee Department List

Selection types enables you to create new values based on your organisations needs. You can create departments, job roles, categories, languages, event types and many more.

Employee training software screenshot of assigning employee to the training class.

Assign Employees to a Class

Assign employees to a training course. Do this individually by employee or by department and job role. See what employees are due to attend or have attended a training course.

Screenshot of course the employee has completed in the training manager software.

Courses Attended by Employee

Within the employee records, view the training courses the employee has already attended or has been allocated to attend in upcoming training classes.

Screenshot of course the employee has completed in the training tracking software.

Context Sensitive Help

Context sensitive help is available on all screens by clicking the help icon on the main menu. When the help is activated, a summary is displayed at the top of the screen and individual field help also available.