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Vehicle Manager

Are you struggling to keep a record of your vehicles and remember when your next service is due or when your insurance needs renewing? Are you drowning in Excel or have paperwork in many different places? Well, now you have the answer with Vehicle Manager, a vehicle management database by Smart Company Software.

Our software is designed to make your life easier and take all the hassle out of maintaining your vehicles, no matter how many you have.

If you own or manage one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, our vehicle management software will help you cut costs, schedule services, record mileage and maintain your vehicles.

We have a range of vehicle management applications that cater for large organizations who maintain a large fleet of vehicles right down to home users who want to maintain a list of vehicles in the home.

Keeping a record of your vehicle history is essential to ensure the smooth running of your vehicles. Having a record of your vehicle history is essential for regulatory requirements as well as when you come to sell the vehicle to prospective buyers.

Track each of your vehicle’s service schedule and service history. Vehicle Manager allows you to create a service schedule for each vehicle as well as maintaining the history of all services for each vehicle. You will be reminded when a vehicle service date is due and can track labor costs, parts costs and many other items related to each service.

Image of vehicle management software box.

New Release October 2018

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Application Features

Application Screenshots

Screenshot of vehicle search in vehicle database.

Vehicle Search

Search for vehicles that you can filter by various fields such as make, model fuel type or plate. Decide what order the vehicles returned should be displayed in.

Screenshot of vehicle details in the vehicle management database.

Vehicle Details

Details of the vehicle, including make, model, year, vehicle type, color, mileage and more.

Screenshot of vehicle fuel log for tracking vehicle fuel usage.

Vehicle Fuel Log

Record each time you refuel a vehicle to track vehicle performance and costs.

Screenshot of vehicle service history for tracking vehicle services.

Vehicle Service

Record each vehicle service to ensure the vehicle is maintained and retains its value. Record labor and parts cost.

Screenshot of driver details in the vehicle maintenance software.

Driver Details

Managed driver’s along with their personal details. Drivers are assigned to vehicles.

Screenshot of reports module for reporting on vehicle database.

Report List

A wide range of reports for vehicles and drivers, such as service history, fuel logs etc. Filter reports by selection criteria and export to Excel.

Screenshot of what vehicles are due for a service.

Vehicle Service Due Report

Display a list of all vehicles who are due to be serviced between the dates and criteria you specify.

Screenshot of alerts within the vehicle software database.

Vehicle Alerts

Receive alerts about vehicles, such as when the vehicle is ready for its next service.

Screenshot of documents that can be attached to a vehicle history.

Document Attachments

Add document attachments to vehicles and drivers. You can add any document type and popular document types are shown for easy identification. You can view the contents from here.


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