Human Resource Manager

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Simplify how you manage your employee records by taking advantage of our superior software. A low cost HR software system is vital for any small business to reduce the time spent on employee administration.

Human Resource Manager is an intuitive and straightforward employee management system that is suitable for any small business. Human Resource Manager is suitable for any industry or business sector and is already in use in construction, engineering, manufacturing, services, retail, credit unions, legal, medical, non-profit, and many other industries.

Human Resource Manager is flexible, easy-to-use and stunning to look at. The perfect choice for any business.

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New Release January 2021

Application Features

Application Screenshots

Screenshot of hr software employee detail.

Employee Detail

Details of the employee, including demographics, contacts details such as cell and email, employee address and photo.

Screenshot of hr system employment details.

Employment Detail

Details of the employee employment, including department, job role, start date, location, supervisor and more.

Screenshot of employee benefits within hr database.

Employee Benefits

List the benefits the employee is entitled to as part of their role. Include 401k, dental, but you can create your own categories.

Screenshot of reports module for reporting on employee HR software.

Report List

A wide range of reports for employees including benefits, leave, incidents, reviews, qualification, salary & wages, training and more. Filter reports by selection criteria and export to Excel.

Screenshots of documents to be attached to staff database.

Document Attachments

Add document attachments to the employee. You can add any document type and popular document types are shown for easy identification. You can view the contents from here.

Screenshot of employee alerts.

Employee Alerts

Receive alerts about important information regarding your employees. Get notified about upcoming training, birthday, reviews and much more.

Screenshot of employee contacts.


Keep a list of important contacts who you may need to get in touch with in the event of an incident. You can create your own categories, but popular ones are emergency contacts and doctor.

Screenshot of user-defined fields in staff management database.

User-Defined Fields

If you have any specific fields unique to your organisation that you need to store, you can use the user-defined fields to create text, number, date and yes/no fields.

Screenshot of leave for employee.

Employee Leave

Record important leave information about the employee. You can record annual leave and calculate remaining days left or other leave such as sick leave or military leave.


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