Course Management software and Employee Training Management System that records training data about your employees. With an employee training records database, you can track the complete training history for all your employees in one central database. Our Training Record Management software is positioned to be the market leader in employee training records software and hosts many features and benefits to support your business.

Course Management software to simplify your employee training management

Measure your employees against competencies and track what employees need training. You can also record employee event attendances, such as seminars or conferences.

Employee Training Management System

Employee training is becoming increasingly important for ensuring quality and meeting the compliance requirements from local, national, and international regulatory agencies. Employee Training Manager is an Employee Training Management System provides employers with everything they need to schedule, track, and report on their employees’ compliance and safety training. Report internally and to regulatory bodies that your company and employees meet the necessary safety training requirements.

Training Record Management software to share your training data across your business

Training Management System software that provides more transparency to training records for everyone and define who can log in, view or edit the training records database.

Image of an employee training records database software box.
Latest Release January 2021
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Interested in Cloud-Based Solution?

This version of Employee Training Manager is installable and runs on your desktop as an application. We also have a cloud-based version of Employee Training Manager that works in your web browser. Click the Learn More button for more details.

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Application Features

Application Screenshots

Screenshot of employee details for the training database.

Employee Detail

Details of the employee, including demographics, employment, training courses attended and competencies.

Course Management software screenshot of the course search screen.

Course Search

Search for courses that you can filter by various fields such as name or description. Decide what order the courses returned should be displayed in.

Screenshot of training class details for the employee training database.

Training Class Detail

Create a training class for a course. Enter details of the class such as date, time and trainer. Assign employees who will attend the training.

Screenshot of reports module for reporting on employee training.

Report List

A wide range of reports for courses, employees, competencies, events and more. Filter reports by selection criteria and export to Excel.

Screenshot of training class summary report.

Training Class Summary Report

The training class summary reports returns all training classes. Filter the records returned using the selection criteria dialog screen.

Employee Department List

Selection types enables you to create new values based on your organisations needs. You can create departments, job roles, categories, languages, event types and many more.

Screenshot of assigning employee to training register database.

Assign Employees to a Class

Assign employees to a training course. Do this individually by employee or by department and job role. See what employees are due to attend or have attended a training course.

Screenshot of course the employee has completed in the training tracker.

Courses Attended by Employee

Within the employee records, view the training courses the employee has already attended or has been allocated to attend in upcoming training classes.

Screenshot of open records in the employee training database.

Dashboard Open Records

The dashboard shows you upcoming courses and competencies. You can also view what employee, course, competency, event and trainer records are currently open.

Instructional Videos

Register Software

You’ve purchased Employee Training Manager, now learn how to register the software with the license key you’ve received.

Setup Enterprise Edition

Learn how to setup the Enterprise Edition, so you can store the database on your network server. This allows the database to be accessed by multiple-users on different computers.

Open and Edit Records

Learn how to open and edit multiple records at the same time. Edit training records, perform some other action and then return to continue editing the record.

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Getting Started Guide

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A guide to getting started with Employee Training Manager

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Software User Manual

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Employee Training Manager User Manual

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Network Configuration

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Configure Multi-User Access on your Network

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Importing Your Data

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Importing Data into Employee Training Manager

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