Asset Tracking Manager

Track your assets and inventory with Asset Tracking Manager.

An asset inventory database enables you to manage your assets and inventory in one complete, cost-effective, easy-to-use application that can be used by any business no matter how big or small you are and what industry or sector you are in.

Asset Tracking Manager is designed to control and manage mobile and fixed assets and inventory. The software manages what assets you have, where the assets are and who uses them.

Image of an asset inventory database software box.

Application Features

Application Screenshots

Screenshot of an asset inventory database.

Asset Detail

Details of the asset, including description, location, purchase information and much more.

Screenshot of an asset inventory search.

Asset Search

Search for assets that you can filter by various fields such as name or description. Decide what order the assets returned should be displayed in.

Screenshot of an asset tracking database with personnel details.

Personnel Details

Create personnel who can be assigned an asset. Keep a history of who has had what.

Screenshot of an asset being checked out within the inventory database.

Asset Check Out

Check out an asset to personnel and control who has what assets. Check back in when the asset is returned and record any issues with the asset.

Screenshot of the reports module for reporting assets and inventory records.

Report List

A wide range of reports for assets and personnel. Filter reports by selection criteria and export to Excel.

Screenshot of an asset service within the asset tracking software.

Asset Service

Record asset servicing so you know what condition it is in. Be alerted when the next service is due on an asset.


Getting Started Guide

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A guide to getting started with Asset Tracking Manager

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Network Configuration

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Configure Multi-User Access on your Network

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