Human Resource Manager

Released August 2017

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Are you ready to join the growing number of small businesses who have successfully implemented and organized their business using Human Resource Manager?

Human Resource Manager is a full featured Human Resource Information System that is suitable for any small or medium sized company. Human Resource Manager supports all industries and is ideal for construction, engineering, manufacturing, services, retail, credit unions, legal, medical, non-profit, and many other industries.

Simplify how you manage your employee records by taking advantage our superior software. Our software delivers powerful functionality with an easy-to-use user interface that helps meet the needs of any small or medium sized business.

Human Resource Manager is designed to administer your employee information with instant results. It is flexible, easy-to-use and stunning to look at. The perfect choice for any organization.

Human Resource Manager can help you with all your Human Resource requirements including the following:

  • Vacation and leave tracking (annual leave, sick leave etc.)
  • Training history and qualifications
  • Salary history
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee benefits (401K, medical)
  • Incidents
  • Emergency and dependent contacts
  • Bank details
  • Licensing information with expiry alerts (work visas, children's check, employment license)
  • Attach important documents directly to the each employee (Word, Excel, PDFs etc)
  • User-defined fields (create your own custom fields)
  • Reporting
  • Beautifully designed user interface

Human Resource Manager will pay for itself the first few times you use it!

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  • Centralize your employee information
  • Implementation is simple and quick
  • Organize your employee records better
  • Reduce time spent on administration
  • Peace of mind - data is stored securely
  • Very affordable!


As the Business Manager for a charitable organization of over 50 staff, it is wonderful to have this type of software. This Human Resource Software can give you a report of employee training that has expired, incident reports, salary increases, and all those employee details that are necessary. This software is very easy to use. The best part is that the support system is exceptional. Just recently I asked about creating a report to list the expiration of employee training, and they were able to provide that to me within a couple of weeks. I highly recommend this software, it is just what I have been looking for.

Fran Wong, Salvation Army, Canada

As a business that employs 100 + people, keeping track of all that information, leave, salary increases, incidents, etc. has always been a monumentally tedious and time consuming task. The Human Resource Manager software simplifies the process considerably and keeps everything you need to know exactly where you need it, at your fingertips. Coupled with unparalleled customer support, I would highly recommend this software.

General Manager, International Contractors


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